About Me

About Dave Johnson
This site is about product/software recommendations and reviews, with tips and tricks. You can follow my other post and topics, to help you succeed on your online journey as an affiliate marketer, or if you are starting an online business.
I’ve been an affiliate marketer for nearly 6 years now and I would now like to start sharing my knowledge.

My Story

Hi everyone!! I’d like to welcome you all to my blogging/website for affiliate marketers and home businesses.
My name is Dave Johnson aged 54 years old from England in the UK. I’m a husband and a father of 3 sons and 2 stepsons. I’m also an online affiliate marketer. I started affiliate marketing online because I became disabled and unable to keep a full-time job.
Why You Want To Help People

I’m really passionate and proud of my online achievements and would like to share my experiences and knowledge with other marketers. The main reason is I love helping people and get a buzz out of seeing others succeed while following me on my online journey.

The money I spent at the start of my journey was wasted really because I didn’t really understand the process of making money online the correct way to become successful. This I learned quite quickly as I went along and realised you had to work for your rewards online.

I think it’s a shame that so many wannabes fall by the wayside because they spend all their available funds looking for the shiny red button. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint anyone that believes this exists, because it doesn’t. The fact is that only 3% of marketers that start out actually become successful. Some marketers actually give up right at the point where they were just about to break through without even realising how close they were.

The Goal Of My Site

So with all that said my goal for this site is to assist others where I can and guide others to only top products, software tips and tricks that are available online today. If I can achieve this then I can sleep easy knowing I’ve helped someone across the line so they can proceed to be a successful marketer.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.