The Blueprint For Having Your Perfect Customers Know, Like, And Trust You

You want to attract your ideal customers, but how do you do it?

Once you know what kind of people your ideal customers are, the next step is knowing how to attract them and get them to like and trust you.

Here’s a blueprint that shows you how to create the perfect customer experience that guarantees that your ideal clients are magnetically attracted to you and want to work with you again and again.

Identify your perfect customer

To attract the perfect customer and have them know like and trust you you need to get really honest with yourself and identify who your customer is.

To attract the perfect customers that know, like, and trust you here are some steps to follow:

First find out who your customers are – you might already know or it may take a little research into what your customers buy or what their wants or needs might be.

Get to know them and their needs inside out so that you can create a product for them that they can’t live without or a service that will solve all of their problems once and for all – if they don’t need it then they’ll want it!

Give your perfect customers choices

Introducing yourself with a confident yet welcoming tone sets the tone for your customer that you’re there to help them solve their problem and answer their questions with ease.

Introduce yourself by name and then set expectations for who you are and what you can do for them in an informative yet concise way:

Hello! I’m Dave – I’m here to answer all your questions about our product.

Give them the power to know like and trust you by letting them know they can ask any question they have while building up a rapport over the phone or video chat – this way they will build an understanding of what type of person you are and be more likely to buy your product based off those feelings of security.

Provide value to your perfect customers

Start by identifying what is important to your perfect people and understanding how they want to know, like and trust you.

Provide value to them at every touch point: from the first time they hear about you to when they’re ready to buy your product.

Be sure that the final touchpoint is not just about buying something—make sure it also conveys trust and rapport so that your customers can feel good about buying from you.

Once you do this for one person or group of people, keep going until all of your potential customers know like and trust you!

Create a loyal community around your product or service

Think of the power of word-of-mouth marketing: someone you know talks about your product or service and how much they like it and when they recommend it to other people they know and like, there is a certain trust level between them that makes people more inclined to listen and be receptive to hearing what you have to offer.

This kind of customer – is your perfect customer.

Once you are able to find out who your perfect customer is and reach them, having them know like and trust you become an easy feat because through all the levels of connection that exist, those feelings will be passed on seamlessly from one person to the next all because you cared enough about who they were in the first place.

Be there for them

To have your perfect customers know like and trust you, there are a few things you’ll want to establish early on.

It’s not enough to just be there for them when they need you; instead, make sure that every interaction counts – from email communication to in-person interactions and everything in between. 

When you first start engaging with your perfect posts customers it’s important that the tone is upbeat and friendly to get them used to having a good experience with you and set expectations high for later interactions down the road.

Spend time with your perfect customer

When I meet my perfect customers they are almost always surprised by the number of questions I ask them when they have not seen me in a while or have had no experience with our products and services.

What are your goals? Where do you live? What else have you tried that didn’t work for you? Why do you feel that way? When did you start feeling like this was a big problem for you?

My interest in them is genuine because it has been proven that when people know like and trust us we make more money!

Consider how important your customers want to feel before deciding on the level of personal connection and interest shown when meeting them.


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