10 Internet Marketing Hacks That Will Work for You

If you’re running an internet marketing business, it’s important to have fun and make as much money as possible, right? While the former may be harder than you think, there are plenty of ways to optimize your affiliate marketing to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. This list of 10 internet marketing hacks will help you do just that!

1) Personalize Your Email Subject Lines

Internet marketing is not just Internet marketing. Be sure to personalize your email subject lines and ad copy by swapping out generic terms with information that will be useful and relevant to your target customers.

Internet Marketing Hacks

People appreciate knowing that you know who they are, so let them know right away. When crafting your message, make sure it has a clear call to action as well.

You should want people to act on your ads, but without a strong CTA, they’re likely going to ignore or miss them altogether. The last thing you want is something good going unrewarded!

2) Forget about SEO, embrace Guest Posting

One of these Internet marketing hacks is to forget about SEO (the practice of using search engine optimization techniques). As valuable as it once was, SEO is no longer a magic bullet. No one needs hundreds of authority links anymore in order to rank on page one – and Google has gotten better at sniffing out unnatural link profiles anyway.

If you want to make affiliate marketing work, it’s more important than ever that you focus on other strategies that can drive traffic such as high-quality guest posting.

This Internet marketing hack will help you drive qualified visitors from popular websites and blogs that have well-known domain authority, plus high levels of referral traffic due to established community trust.

3) ( Internet Marketing Hacks )Embed YouTube Videos into your blog posts

YouTube is one of my favorite sites and is an easy way to get some information about Internet marketing hacks. In particular, there are many videos you can use by internet marketing companies that may help you along with your affiliate marketing.

Internet Marketing Hacks

YouTube is probably best used in a content network where other websites post short videos that link back to yours. I recommend having a separate column on your website or if you have a Youtube Channel, linking it up so people have more choice on where they go and what they watch, if they don’t want to view your own produced video then other users will fill in with their own video’s.

Which will all ultimately link back to your site and generate traffic that can convert into revenue for you. Klappz is the World’s 1st Text-To-Video App. AI Engine Allows You To Turn Your Blog Posts, Emails, Powerpoints And Sales Scripts Into Videos

4) ( Internet Marketing Hacks ) Host Online Contests

Depending on your industry, an online contest is a great way to engage readers in your content and drive them back to your site.

Create some social-media contests that require readers to take action—liking your page, commenting on posts, etc.—in order to win free prizes (don’t forget a great prize!). If you run a conference or have other offline events coming up, make sure you give people enough notice so they can plan their trips and not miss out on all of the fun.

Internet Marketing Hacks

Speaking of travel, hotel discounts are another Internet marketing hack that almost every business should use. Just make sure you ask guests upfront what their booking preferences are. With these hacks in mind, try running a successful contest on your site today!

5) ( Internet Marketing Hacks ) Make Sure you have Audio Descriptions on all your videos

Captions make your video content accessible and usable to deaf or hard-of-hearing users. YouTube has made it really easy to add captions.

To do so, select Edit > Subtitles/CC. For videos you create using HTML5, captions are automatically created if they are present in the source file (for example, a .mp4 video with embedded subtitles).

With other formats like .mov files that don’t support audio description tracks natively, third-party software called Media Accessibility Toolkit must be used along with subtitling software such as Subtitle Workshop. Get Klappz is the World’s 1st Text-To-Video App here.

6) ( Internet Marketing Hacks ) Use Retargeting Advertisements to your advantage

One of my favorite digital marketing hacks is retargeting ads. Retargeting ads allow you to have ads follow users around on websites after they’ve visited your website.

Internet Marketing Hacks

This can lead to increased sales, as many people will see your products several times before actually purchasing them. The most important thing is that these are relevant advertisements, meaning customers already expressed interest in what you’re selling!

Your job as a marketer is just to make sure they don’t forget about it when they leave that site. So go ahead and take advantage of some of these internet marketing hacks and let me know how well it works out for you!

7) Add a Related Articles section at the end of every article you publish

When your visitors read your content, it’s only natural that they’ll want to know more about a certain topic. By adding a related articles section at the end of each of your articles, you are exposing those readers to additional content and reminding them of how valuable your information is. Access PLR Madness here. 300,000 PLR Articles. Transferable Private Label Rights.

We found that using similar keywords in our title tags actually improved our traffic. For example, if I wrote an article called How To Increase Website Traffic, then my related articles section might include other articles with titles like Increase Website Traffic:

The Ultimate Guide. Adding related articles is a great way to increase page views and attract new subscribers.

8) Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from your customers

Internet Marketing Hacks

Here’s an Internet marketing hack for you: Don’t be afraid to ask your customers how they feel about your product or service.

Too many marketers are under the impression that a sales representative can do a better job at conveying a message than they can when in reality they are missing out on valuable feedback and insight.

The truth is, if you aren’t asking your customers how their experience was, you aren’t making decisions based on evidence—and that can cost you in more ways than one. In fact, many surveys show that customers who receive great customer service will come back even if they find a lower price elsewhere; those with negative experiences just won’t return at all.

9) Place an Ad on Reddit and another site that drives targeted traffic (with screenshots!)

Advertising your business on Reddit isn’t as intimidating as it might seem. It is also an excellent way to get traffic quickly and with virtually no effort—if you know what you’re doing.

Start taking action now: find a subreddit with relevant users and put your posts in front of those users! Use caution when planning out your ad, though; keep an eye on subreddits that have reputations of being trollish or drama-ridden (i.e., outrage bait), or ones with strict rules about advertising practices and banners.

10) Turn off Facebook Audience Network and serve ads based on remarketing lists in Google Adwords

Internet Marketing Hacks

The Facebook Audience Network is a big part of how brands advertise on Facebook. Instead of having a brand serve ads on its own website, you let Facebook do it.

However, just because FBAN does much of your ad targeting doesn’t mean you can skip remarketing lists in Adwords. Take a look at Long Tail Pro – Probably the most popular keyword research tool on the planet.

To make sure your ads are showing only to people who don’t already have your site bookmarked, add them as an audience exclusion in your Adwords campaign and make sure you’re using Google Optimize so that FBAN isn’t serving as a source of traffic anymore.

Now use remarketing lists in Adwords. They can also help with branding by tying people back into sites they viewed during their purchase cycle but eventually abandoned.


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