5 Ways to Make Money Online by Creating Videos

If you want to make money online by creating videos, there are many ways to do so, and the best way to start is to choose one that best suits your skill set. To get you started, here are five different ways you can use to create videos and make money online in the process. Also you can check out Tube Domination here.

1) Sell your services

Selling your services as a video creator is typically easier than trying to sell products. That said, creating videos doesn’t have to be super in-depth or time-consuming.

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If you can get good at creating short videos that serve as quick tutorials or product demonstrations, you could create a nice recurring revenue stream (and a YouTube following) all on your own. See my guide on how to make money on YouTube for more information and some useful tips.

2) Sell your product to make money online

Although it may seem counterintuitive, sell your product before you create it. This can help secure funding for development and will ensure you’re creating something people want.

For example, if you plan on selling videos about how to make money online, create a landing page where people can sign up for updates or a mailing list and send them making money online content from other sources (blog posts, podcasts).

It may not convert at first, but they will be interested in your upcoming video series (which is still creating content) and that might get them buying as well.

3) Give your audience something in return

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A free how-to video is a great way to get noticed and make money online. In some cases, you can even receive sponsorship from major brands that will pay you based on how many views your videos have received.

Make sure you check out any specific details about your strategy before moving forward; it may be necessary to sign up for an account with a video host like YouTube in order to be able to share your videos on multiple websites.

There are also companies that will actually create accounts for you if you have all of your content prepared, though most accounts don’t require more than a couple of sentences at most.

4) Use affiliate links to make money online

Affiliate marketing is a very popular way to make money online. It’s also one of my favorites because it’s so passive. You can make simple videos to make $1000’s with Tube Domination

make money online

You can put up affiliate links on your videos and, if you drive enough traffic through those links, you can earn some commissions from that traffic. I currently use Amazon affiliate links on all of my videos and have earned quite a bit from them.

5) Use brand deals

Brand deals are another great way to make money online. You can offer to create customized videos for brands and promote them on your channel or through a link in your video descriptions.

Once you create a video, you can share it with your followers across social media platforms and encourage them to engage with it and spread it around. This lets brands pay you for sharing their content (instead of paying for views of branded videos).

Brands will be willing to pay more if their content is attached to high-quality videos about things viewers actually care about – so find a topic people want more information about and be prepared. Take full advantage of these opportunities!

Finally | How I Make Money Online

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See you there.

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