Become A Person Of Influence Online – 10 Tips

Have you ever wanted to become a Person Of Influence Online?

If so, then this post might help give you some insight into how to become one.

Below are 10 tips on how to become a person of Influence online, which will be sure to help you along your journey.

1) Influencer Marketing Is Cool

Influencer marketing is cool. Celebrities with millions of followers who wear a brand and use it every day in their lives know that the power of influence has got to be taken seriously.

After all, social media has made us consumers more vocal than ever before and it’s time to leverage this new way of promoting your brand and products.

In the words of another influencer online: I would rather engage with my audience than push them away.

2) Brand Your Name Which Helps You Become a Person Of Influence Online

Nowadays, being a person of Influence online is more than just having some social media followers and writing blog posts.

It’s about your work ethic and how much value you give back to others in your online community.

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Offer value. Your audience wants the chance to be exposed to information that will help them do better for themselves in their own lives, so make sure that everything you post offers something of value–whether it’s content or comments from other people in the industry that you think might be helpful for your readers too.

It may seem like more work on your end, but putting more effort into each post will pay off with increased engagement from readers.

3) Engage With Everyone (including haters!)

In order to become a person of Influence online, you need to engage with people on social media.

 Person Of Influence Online

There is a time and a place for making enemies, but if you have reached the point in your life where being rude on Twitter gets you more followers than it gets you, haters, then congrats!

However, this doesn’t mean that people will take the time out of their day to follow someone they disagree with – so keep it professional.

Engage in conversation when appropriate and be polite while doing so; don’t act as if anyone owes you anything.

You want them to enjoy interacting with you.

Not because they feel like they are obligated or feel bad for you, but because talking to someone who engages them about things that interest them is fun for everyone involved.

4) Show Personality

It takes a lot of time, effort, and consistency to become a person of influence online.

Give others something that they can use and apply in their lives.

For example, your blog posts should be providing value by giving answers to tough questions or providing solutions for problems that people are struggling with.

Show Personality. Put some of your personality into what you’re writing about so it’s more interesting for readers who want to hear from real people – not just someone telling them what they should do all the time.

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5) Add value with consistency

The most important thing you can do to become a person of influence online is to maintain consistency in what you do and offer.

Consistency builds trust and it’s hard for people to remember who you are or care about your message if they don’t see you often enough.

 Person Of Influence Online

Create content every day that adds value, preferably something new and different each time so there will be lots of great content.

If you consistently provide more value than others, then eventually others will come to expect it from you and come back for more when they need your kind of help.

6) To become a person of Influence online know who you are and where you’re going

Before you can begin to take advantage of any marketing efforts and become a person of Influence online, it is important to understand the person behind the name.

Who are you and what are your values? Who do you want to reach out to? What is your goal with being an online person of influence?

Your answers will allow you to develop a message that will resonate with people on various levels.

Knowing who you are allows for better targeting in advertisements and for more creative ideas as well. Once you know who you are, it’s time to decide where you’re going.

7) Control your time

Although it may be time-consuming, one of the best ways to become a person of Influence online is to master your time.

Spend just 10-15 minutes every day reading through blogs, and social media feeds and listening to podcasts.

 Person Of Influence Online

Your next step is to find people whose opinions you want to learn about and try to spend another 10-15 minutes every day studying their online presence.

If there are one or two people whose work you think is exceptional in your field, reach out! Don’t hesitate when it comes to speaking up and reaching out.

8) Stay real and genuine to A person of Influence online

This might seem like it contradicts the whole point of this post, but building a person of influence online is not about being inauthentic.

It is about showing your true self and what matters to you while also building an online brand that conveys authenticity.

Trust can only be earned if people see who you are and are willing to believe in what you have to say. 

Be passionate about the topics that matter to you.

Even though this is one of the most important ingredients for success, passion alone doesn’t create magic; hard work, consistency and patience do.

9) Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate

There is no secret to becoming a person of influence online.

The best way to accomplish your goals is by taking action, creating content that engages an audience and collaborating with people who have similar goals.

Put together a social media strategy, figure out which channels work best for your niche, then reach out to other influencers in your niche to share content and drive traffic back and forth.

 Person Of Influence Online

Share other people’s posts on your blog, too!

Help others out whenever possible and share the love on social media when you do get mentioned or followed back – that can go a long way towards establishing mutual respect as well as helping build credibility for yourself.

10) Start TODAY and be a person of Influence online!

With over 2 billion internet users, it’s never been easier to become a person of influence online.

Not to mention, social media has simplified the way we get our messages out there.

1) Start today! – Whether it’s your blog, Facebook page, or LinkedIn profile – the sooner you start developing an audience the sooner you’ll be able to get these tips in action. 

2) Build relationships – networking is key for building up your following and creating an impressive network of connections on all platforms. Commenting, liking, and following other profiles will help build this network organically.


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