How to Connect and Engage with Your Audience on Youtube

If you’re a YouTuber, it can be easy to forget that while your subscribers are watching your videos, they’re also engaging with others on YouTube.

While it’s easy to assume that all of the attention should be focused on you and that YouTube is simply an extension of your personal brand, the truth is that you have more power and influence than you think when it comes to connecting with and engaging your audience on Youtube.

Youtube Key Takeaways

YouTube has changed how we market, sell, connect and share. YouTube videos are easy for people to view. You can create video content that entertains or educates your audience. If you want to connect with others on YouTube, use videos as a tool for engagement. You can learn more with this training guide

Start by introducing yourself in an informal video that establishes your credibility in your field of expertise. Post regularly and respond frequently to comments from viewers. Make sure each video has a call-to-action so viewers know how they can engage further if they’re interested in what you’re offering online.

Add links back to your website or other marketing efforts within each video so viewers have options if they want more information about your brand or products.

Create Regular Content With Your Youtube Videos

Creating a regular schedule for posting on Youtube, even if it’s only once or twice a week, is important.

Training Guide

By sticking to a schedule, you build your audience’s trust that you’ll keep providing them with interesting content—and you give them time to miss your videos when they don’t show up at their regular time.

Make sure you have an outline of what topics you want to cover in upcoming videos so that people can look forward to something interesting coming soon.

Have fun! It’s easy for YouTube video creation to become a chore, but if your subscribers see that you genuinely enjoy making videos, they’ll be more likely to tune in and watch as well.

Add Social Sharing Tools

Sites like YouTube are built for community, so adding social media sharing buttons to your channel pages is a smart way to connect and engage.

Also, if you post behind-the-scenes or making of videos, viewers will appreciate being able to share their thoughts about your content in a simple way.

Don’t be afraid of feedback; it’s often valuable information that can help you improve your offerings (and even take them in unexpected directions).

Post With Titles That Get Shares

If you want more viewers on your channel, you need viewers on your channel. The best way to get them there is by creating posts that are share-worthy. Take a look at the only AI-Based software that will create attention-grabbing & CLICK pulling thumbnails for any video with LITERALLY 3 clicks! Click the image below for more information.

Custom Thumbnails

For a YouTube post, that means embedding an eye-catching image along with a catchy title in order to attract people looking for something interesting or funny. You’ll want to write titles like My Favorite Weird Animal Videos of All Time or Top 10 Most Annoying Dog Whistles Ever.

The more creative you can be, and yet still true to what the video is about, the better off you will be when it comes time for people to click play.

Youtube Needs You to Promote Consistently

As you create videos, you’ll gain more subscribers and build a dedicated audience. While it’s tempting to put all your focus into creating videos, promoting them is just as important. You can actually earn from YouTube without creating your own videos! Interested? Take a look here.

The first 10 subscribers might come from close friends, but it’s unlikely those people will continue to support your channel if they don’t see content consistently posted.

With an actively engaged base of viewers, you can do things like launch an Indiegogo campaign or secure sponsorships for future videos. Those big efforts are much easier when you have a solid following already built-in.

Have an Outline for Each Video

Before you start shooting your video, make sure you know what it’s about. It’s often a good idea to have an outline for each video so that you can make sure it flows logically.

You might even consider writing out your script before you record anything—this will allow you time to rethink if things aren’t going in a productive direction or if any new ideas occur while recording. This can also help avoid any awkward pauses or unnecessary fluffing.

Get Creative With Media Assets

Different types of videos perform better for different platforms. A video that’s great for Youtube isn’t necessarily going to be great for Instagram or Facebook.

To make sure your video resonates with your target audience, be sure you’re using media assets that are appropriate for each platform: use long-form content (1+ minutes) for Youtube, photos and less-than-30 second videos for Facebook and 30 seconds or less for Instagram.

As a general rule of thumb, think about how your potential audience is consuming media. Are they likely reading the text while watching a video? Playing games while scrolling through Instagram? Whatever medium you choose, be sure you’re adapting accordingly!

Optimize For SEO

Youtube is a video hosting platform that’s known for its SEO (search engine optimization) features. SEO allows companies to better optimize their content so it ranks higher in search results pages, which in turn drives traffic back to your website. Check out Video Marketing Blaster to get your videos ranked.


If you have a Youtube channel, it’s time to optimize for SEO! Let’s take a look at some tips and tricks you can use to ensure your Youtube page has high-quality content and attracts more viewers.

Try Longer Youtube Videos

One thing that’s become very clear over years of Pew Research Center studies is that people’s media diets have really changed, said Amy Mitchell, director of journalism research at Pew. In our 2014 study [of smartphone users], we found that only about half of those ages 18-49 ever watched any online video news content.

By 2017, more than 70% were watching. I don’t think people are going back to TV as much as they used to, so there is a huge opportunity for you as a creator on YouTube. In fact, as a creator on YouTube, you can make your videos longer than 30 minutes if you choose.

Try starting out with short clips before moving into hour-long sessions.

Use Hashtags In Videos

You don’t have to be a celebrity to make good use of hashtags. Hashtags help people find your videos and make it easier for you to build an audience by making it easier for others to find you.

It’s a great way to connect directly with your viewers. Most importantly, posting regularly is how you keep your followers engaged in what you do, which makes them more likely to share and comment on your videos.

If they like what they see, they will want more – which means more views, likes, and comments…it’s a great cycle!


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