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One of our members wasn’t getting conversions. I said, “Something stinks.”

Wasting Money

Let’s call him Bob. He wanted me to look over his affiliate marketing plan.
He’d spent a lot of money on single ads and was getting “sign-ups” or leads, but none of them were converting.
He’d been watching it for a while, hoping for some type of response. He wasn’t new to web marketing either; he’d been doing it for a few years. Finally, he came to me for assistance, frustrated.

This is where I sent him as I use this vendor every day.

I’m sharing what I discovered with you so you may avoid making the same mistakes I did and know what to look for when buying advertising to promote your affiliate marketing links.

I started by looking at his Solo Ad copy. It was well-written, concise, benefit-rich, and encouraged the reader to click for a Special Free Offer.
There are no issues with his Solo Ad copy.

Getting Conversions

Next, I looked at his marketing landing page; he had three distinct test versions and was counting clicks on each. Each landing page (a squeeze page) was well-written and included all of the basic elements of effective copywriting, such as attention-grabbing headlines, calls to action, obvious benefits, a compelling offer, and a straightforward sign-up / opt-in form.

Getting Conversion. Better Statistics

Then I went over each page’s click rate statistics. He had a large number of clicks that followed an interesting pattern. When he promoted the landing page in his Solo Ad, the clicks came in within seconds, minutes, and hours of the posting, and suddenly they stopped. After about an hour, there were no clicks at all.

Let me share my experience with you: we spend thousands of dollars on advertising as a firm, and I can tell you that when we post an ad, especially to a list, we get leads over the next several days, if not the next week. Within an hour of posting, the responses do not abruptly halt. Although the advertisement may be sent out in a matter of minutes, recipients do not open or read their emails at the same time. In this post, I explain what the top earners do.

Getting Conversions

I then moved on to his list of leads. When viewed as a long list, the leads were eye-opening. A strange pattern emerged. They each had the same entry data: a first initial and a surname name. Then there were those with the same name as the email address. Some were written entirely in capital letters, while others used the same abbreviated style.

Odd. I’ve spent over 6 years in the affiliate marketing field, and I can tell you one thing about data entry. Numerous people don’t enter data in the same method, and rarely on a list of 100 leads would you see the exact same or extremely comparable data entry style.

Getting Conversions. Eye-Opener

The following is a genuine eye-opener. When I looked into whether any of these “sign-ups” had done anything after entering their name and email into the optin form, I discovered that NONE of them had. They did not log in, nor did they take the following step to “GET” what they had opted in to or signed up for. This I thought is why he wasn’t getting conversions.

Strange. If you’re anything like me, when you “Sign up” for something, you normally take (or are expected to do) more action to verify the optin, click to access the provided services or log in to collect on what you were offered and signed up for. Even if you aren’t as cynical as I am, you would assume that at least SOME of the leads/sign-ups would “do” anything, yet none did. Why?

The Sniff Test Failed These Leads

I told Bob the truth. The sign-ups were forged, either by a robot, a software auto-click program, or a randomized database of names, addresses and spoofed IP addresses. To make the customer satisfied, the leads are supplied in huge quantities rapidly. What is his motive for not converting? The leads were not genuine persons; robots and fictitious names are not acceptable.

Finally, I inquired about Bob’s Solo Ad placement. The gig was up when he revealed the source where he had been posting. He was employing a source that, based on our research and testing, is a complete waste of money.

However, using the most up-to-date bot prevention and detection methods, as well as list cleaning services, strategies, and software, we regularly score first for the best converting strategies to create quality clicks. You can get more information here.

The Good Bad and the Ugly of Getting Conversions

I’ve seen it all… THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY in my 6 years in online marketing.

Getting Conversions

Since you’ve arrived at this page, you’re presumably familiar with the concept of solo ads. It’s the traffic (clicks) you get from sending emails to a list of people who are interested in your niche.

When you buy traffic from a vendor, corporation, or even a well-known and trustworthy source, things don’t always go as planned.

We also have access to all of the industry’s “dirty secrets.”

This includes not just bots, but also spammy emails and other spammy methods of growing a list, as well as those who repeatedly send clicks to other solo ad sellers, reducing your chances of selling.

Your offer must be in the Make Money Online or BizOpp niche. Beginner experience is preferred.
You cannot spam your subscribers or use headlines that are highly deceptive.
You must recognize that solo advertisements are not a money-making miracle.
You must work on improving your funnel, conversions, and sales!

Start making sales from solo ads here.


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