How to do List Building on Social Media and is it Effective?

Social media marketing strategies are becoming increasingly popular these days, and list building is one of the most effective ways to engage your audience and turn them into customers or clients.

If you’re not familiar with list building, it’s basically creating an email newsletter that people can subscribe to, so they get your messages in their inbox as opposed to social media feeds.

This can be a great way to market your business, and I’ll explain why you should be doing it and how to get started.

What Is List Building?

List Building

List building refers to growing a list of people who have opted-in to receive information from you.

Most of these lists are hosted by email providers such as Getresponse. When people sign up for your list, they agree that you can contact them via email with content that is related to your business or field of expertise.

While there are other ways of building a list, such as paying for ads or landing pages and social media contests, email provides an effective channel for communicating with people who want to hear from you.

The average person uses 10+ different social networks in their lifetime; take advantage of that!

Best Ways to Build an Email List

In order to leverage social media for your business or organization, you need people’s email addresses.

The best way of doing that is through a list-building campaign. There are lots of ways of doing that, but here are some ideas to get you started:

List Building

Try different ways of asking for emails until you find one that works for your audience. Then use it over and over again when appropriate.

Mix things up a bit by trying several different types of offers at once; perhaps one free thing (your eBook), one time-limited thing (free lifetime access or a free workshop) and then others (e.g., buy one get one half off).

In general, I recommend an email opt-in offer every 3–6 months, with more frequent mentions during fundraising campaigns.

Best Email Marketing Platforms for List Building

There are a lot of ways you can build a list, but there are certain things that all email marketing platforms have in common.

The first is an opt-in box.

The second is autoresponders.

These two things ensure your subscribers give you permission to send them emails and that they know when they’re being sent emails from you. That way, they don’t think they’re being spammed or dropped into your inbox without consent.

Finally, every platform offers stats so you can analyze how well your email campaigns work (and tweak them accordingly). Because of these features, Getresponse is one of our favorite solutions for list building through social media channels.

Best Way To Leverage The Power Of Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are all about interaction. Unlike Facebook pages, where content is pushed out to fans, in a group anyone can start a conversation, share content from others or ask questions.

This makes Facebook groups great for list building because you can connect with your audience around specific topics of interest.

List Building

The more conversations that happen in your group, the greater chance there is for someone to comment on your content and take action.

However, remember that it’s not just about posting content in a group – members will also look for engagement from you and answers if they have questions.

Plan ahead by creating posts before going live so that when people comment or ask questions you’re ready with an answer or suggestion!

Best Way To Leverage The Power Of Twitter

Twitter is a social media platform that has evolved over time. It is not just used for telling people what you had for breakfast or where you are at.

Many businesses have created an audience of followers who will listen to them when they offer freebies, special offers, or discounts in their product lines.

List Building

To build a loyal following of followers that will respond positively whenever you ask them to do something, try developing a reward program that involves Twitter interactions—such as retweets, favorites, follows and so forth.

When people feel like they are being rewarded for taking part in your social media campaigns, then they tend to participate more often because of the positive reinforcement.

List building With The Power Of Instagram

As most of you already know, Instagram is one of my favorite social media channels for building lists. I’ve tried several strategies over time, and I’m always testing new techniques as well. My favorite strategy right now? Carousel ads with Instagram Stories.


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