How to Grow Your Email List Fast: 10 Tips for Emailing

Once you’ve learned to grow your email list, it’s important to keep it growing! Emailing your list regularly can help you market your product or service to those who already know and trust you.

It also gives them an opportunity to get to know you better and lets them know that they can rely on you for products or services in the future.

If people feel like they have a relationship with you and that they are being treated fairly, then they are much more likely to buy from you again and spread the word about your business to their friends, family members, and coworkers. I signed up for Email Marketing Arena Membership – Get Paid To Send Emails which helped me immensely,

1) Don’t Wait Until You Have Something To Announce

If you do decide to email your list, don’t wait until you have a big announcement. If people feel like they’re being spammed, they’ll be less likely to open future emails and more likely to hit that spam button.

Grow Your Email List

Instead, send monthly emails with links back to your site where people can sign up for a freebie or opt-in and get updates when you have a new product or service. It takes time to build up an email list so start sending out emails as soon as possible and keep it consistent—before you know it, you’ll have hundreds or thousands of people who are excited about hearing from you!

2) A/B test your subject lines

When you’re ready to start emailing your list, A/B test subject lines that are performing well and send them only once. Make sure you have content in place so they don’t land in junk mail folders.

Since it takes a while for people to add your address to their contact lists (and some people never do), your subscribers may not see your first few emails immediately. To make sure they don’t slip through the cracks, retarget them with ads that appear on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn until they open an email from you.

If it gets good results, you can use retargeting when sending out similar emails later. Email follow-ups are one of our favorite growth hacks!

3) Use an Open-ended Question In Your Subject Line

Open-ended questions are more likely to get people’s attention and require some thought. If you ask a specific question, your readers will immediately know whether or not they have information that fits your query.

Grow Your Email List

For example, Do you have experience with email marketing? will elicit different responses than What mistakes do you avoid when emailing your list? Use Incentives and Time Constraints: This is a very powerful tactic in email marketing and sales. You can learn how to generate sales with email marketing today here.

We live in a society that expects immediate satisfaction, so giving people an incentive or pushing them toward a limited time offer creates urgency and excitement around whatever it is you’re doing.

4) Be Personal To Grow Your Email List

Focus on being personal when emailing your list. If you send out emails that sound like you’re trying to make a sell, you will end up alienating your readership and coming off as pushy. Instead, aim for genuine communication between reader and marketer.

Just because you are an expert doesn’t mean you can’t write like one of your audience. This strategy also goes with how often and what type of information you share with your audience in terms of promotional content vs. useful or inspiring tips/tricks/news.

5) Add Context When Possible To Grow Your Email List

With context, your reader knows that you are referencing something specific. For example, if you say On Wednesday, I am going to email my list about… it’s clear that you’re talking about a specific day.

Without context, it can be assumed that you will email your list regularly (or at least want them to think so). One of the worst things you can do is set expectations for how often (or how long) people should expect to hear from you – especially if it ends up being in a negative way.

6) Send Offers That Benefit the Reader

Grow Your Email List

When you’re emailing your list, do it with a benefit in mind. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be sending out offers or sales. In fact, if you are sending out offers, it’s important that they don’t hurt your brand reputation.

Even so, sending out valuable information benefits both you and your readers, so send information when there is something of value to be gained. Be transparent with your email list by telling them exactly what they can expect from each mailing—or just send them videos of kittens doing funny things.

Make sure that all of these emails have an accompanying opt-out button, so no one feels pressured into opting in.

7) Write From Your Heart and Not in Sales Speak To Grow Your Email List

When emailing your list, there’s nothing worse than seeing an email with words like opt-in and capture — they come off as salesy and inauthentic.

This is especially true when it comes to asking people to opt-in or share things on social media. When you put your personal spin on a subject, you’ll seem like a helpful friend rather than just another product shiller. If a celebrity wrote exactly what you wrote on their Facebook wall, how excited would you be about that?

Grow Your Email List

That’s how exciting it is when YOU get involved in helping them out! Don’t push sales every step of the way! Show that you’re genuine from start to finish.

8) Create Amazing Call To Actions (CTAs)

Most people would agree that one of email marketing’s biggest challenges is click-through rates. Here are two simple ways you can boost your email’s click-through rate and grow your list fast.

Before hitting send, ask yourself these two questions. Do I want my subscribers to click? Do I want them to read my content? Do I want them to see this offer?

9) Include Visuals Where Possible To Grow Your Email List

As I’ve stated before, visuals are one of your best tools in building relationships. Make use of them as much as possible. When you add an image to your email, you increase its effectiveness by 38%.

If you include a photo with a sales pitch (in other words, your product), you increase response rates by 65%. Include something that will make people stop and look at your message—an interesting fact or new information or a photo.

Grow Your Email List

Those little breaks in their day when they take notice will help connect them more strongly with your brand and with you as someone who knows what they need and is giving it to them.

10) Keep it Short And To The Point. Less Is More!

When it comes to email content, less is more. Many marketers send far too many emails and consequently, those emails aren’t read as often.

In fact, many people mark your emails as spam simply because they feel overwhelmed by your volume of emails. You can increase engagement by reducing how often you email your list and sending highly-relevant content that’s easy to consume in a single sitting (i.e., 3 things only).

As a result, your readers will learn about and remember your brand more effectively without feeling like they’re being bombarded with irrelevant or useless content.


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