Looking to get more Instagram traffic? Tips and tricks

How many times have you scrolled through your Instagram feed only to see the same five or ten brands’ content? Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to get your content seen unless you pay for Instagram ads or spend hours each day searching hashtags and reposting content. If you’re looking to get get more Instagram traffic Personally I use Xtargeter which is a one-click software

 Instagram traffic

But what if I told you there was an easier way? See how we’re driving unlimited free Instagram traffic and getting targeted traffic has never been easier!

Tips for creating high-quality content to get more Instagram traffic

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In order to get targeted Instagram traffic, you’ll need high-quality content. But how do you know if your content is high-quality? The easiest way is by using Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

Just search for phrases that people will be searching for in conjunction with your brand or product, then write a post around one of those keywords (keeping in mind that long-tail keywords are always better than short ones).

The great thing about Instagram is that there are no restrictions on length, so includes lots of valuable information—tables, charts, etc.—in addition to a lengthy written section. That way, when someone reads it on their phone or tablet they won’t have any issues trying to find important information buried in paragraphs.

Design a call-to-action for your bio

A call-to-action (CTA) is exactly what it sounds like: a prompt for a viewer to take an action—like making a purchase, subscribing, filling out a form, etc. A great CTA gives people all of the info they need in order to take that action easily.

This can be especially tricky on Instagram because its platform limits how much text you can use on your bio; you’ll want to make sure every word counts. So where should you put your CTA? The best place depends on what goal you’re trying to accomplish with it.

Make your bio match your IG profile

First, it’s important that your bio is in line with your IG profile. We’ve all seen them—bios that don’t match up with what you post on your page. If people see a mismatch between your bio, cover photo, and profile picture, they will most likely click off of your page.

 Instagram trafficc

Your bio is also an opportunity for you to remind people about why they should follow you in the first place.

When creating a business strategy for Instagram traffic generation it helps if we follow their rules: 1) Use hashtags in relevant posts; 2) Include location tags where appropriate; 3) Use cross-promotion when applicable; 4) Follow & engage (but not too much); 5) Only advertise if appropriate.

Best time to post in 2022 to get more Instagram traffic

Your posts on Instagram are most effective in reaching your audience when posted during High Traffic Hours.

High traffic hours vary based on demographics, but these three days should be considered best practices for reaching more people and getting more engagement. Sunday – Wednesday between 8 am – 4 pm EST are peak traffic times when you want to reach your target audience. Additionally, Saturdays between 12 pm – 3 pm will help you reach a younger crowd of teens and millennials.

If you’re targeting an older demographic like parents or retirees, consider posting on Mondays and Wednesdays between 6 am-8 am as well as mid-week right after work (6-8 pm).

For Instagram traffic you need to find new hashtags

Finding new hashtags is one of the most effective ways to boost your chances of getting more free Instagram traffic. Start by doing a little research online, looking at what’s trending in your niche.

For example, if you sell pet products, try taking a look at #pets #pettreats and #cutepetclub; then make note of which tags seem like they might do well for you.

 Instagram traffic

Next, search through all of these hashtags using Iconosquare (the best social media analytics tool on earth) to find which ones are getting an insane amount of engagement per post: Anything above 2k likes is a good sign that it’s worth using.

Build relationships with influencers to get more Instagram traffic

It’s a lot easier to get free Instagram traffic if you focus on building relationships with influencers in your niche. Sure, it takes time, but these relationships can last for years if you use them correctly.

We know firsthand that there are many ways to build lasting relationships with influencers—and they don’t have to be transactional. When done right, these partnerships can be mutually beneficial.

The best way to build these long-lasting relationships is by focusing on giving before you start expecting something in return. You might be surprised at what comes back your way when done right (more on that later)

How we grow accounts organically with automation to get Instagram traffic

To save time and to get buyer leads on tap I use this automation software.

 Instagram traffic

Don’t let Instagram followers tell you otherwise. When you want to grow an account, it can feel like a numbers game.

You see other influencers with millions of followers and want that same success for yourself, so you find a hashtag that has good engagement, then look up who has posted about it recently, hoping one of those people will follow you back so you can work your way into their feed.

That is how some influencers grew their accounts—by playing follower hopscotch around hashtags all day long—but it is not how we run these accounts at Delish.


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