The Importance of a Thankyou Page and Squeeze Page

If you’re selling a product or service online, you probably already know how important it is to have an easy-to-use checkout process that isn’t going to leave your visitors feeling frustrated, annoyed, or even confused. . But what do you think about your thankyou page? How do you know if it’s effective?

Thankyou Page

You want them to feel confident in buying from you because you’ve made the process as simple as possible and they can see the value they’re getting from your products.

What Is A Thankyou Page?

Thankyou pages are used to generate conversions from people who have landed on your website but haven’t taken any action. You can make some awesome pages by using TD Pages. I haven’t seen anything that can beat it In regards to page building.

They are basically an upsell page; they do not focus on selling directly to visitors, but rather on directing visitors in that you want them to complete an additional step which will result in you making more money.

Thankyou Page

In other words, it is designed as another option for your customers after they leave your landing page so that you can make more sales without wasting too much effort.

A thank you page is therefore almost like a squeeze page where only subscribers are allowed entry through a special URL. In other words, you limit access only to those who gave their email address in order to get inside…

Why Do I Need A Thankyou Page?

It’s an important part of marketing to your list, but it’s also important to know that some people may have shared your content with someone else or forwarded it on to someone else.

In some cases, you might want to thank them for sharing your page so others could benefit from it too. On your Thankyou page, you can include links back to other resources that have helped others create similar things, free tools, free videos, or whatever you would like!

As always, don’t put off getting a thank-you page up; if possible get one started while writing up your squeeze page. That way they can go hand-in-hand when building out your list 

How To Create A Compelling Thankyou Page?

The thank-you page is an important part of a landing page. On that thank you page, it’s your job to complete two things: get leads to take some type of action and complete them with data collection.

Thankyou Page

The number one best way to do both is by giving away something for free! In order to create a compelling thank you page, however, we need to ensure our visitors can easily find what they’re looking for when they land on our site.

No matter how good your offer may be, people won’t know what they are supposed to do if there aren’t obvious call-to-action buttons or some sort of way for them to quickly locate our contact information.

How Do I Write The Copy For My Thankyou Page?

Write your squeeze page (sales letter) with your Thankyou page in mind. Check out TD Pages, I use this on a daily basis to create my pages.

Remember that any subscriber who is going to give you their email will have very likely taken action by downloading your content and if they did not take action from there, you have failed them as an entrepreneur.

You must ensure you give them as much value for joining as possible. Never let on that it’s a sales letter, keep in mind what made them subscribe and ensure you deliver.

You must use negative trust copy if it requires people to opt-out or lose something special or gain something just for joining your list.

When Should I Send This Email?

The key to an effective email campaign is timing. If you send emails too soon, your subscriber hasn’t had time to look at your site or think about it. You can also learn about email deliverability here.

If you send emails too late, they might have forgotten all about you. Ideally, people should hear from you just after they visit your site.

This is where a squeeze page comes in—it gives people something that’s compelling enough to make them want to sign up for more info via email or social media (often referred to as an opt-in).

Additionally, every online business needs a thank-you page where visitors can get in touch with customer service via phone or email.

What Does My Squeeze page Look Like?

A squeeze page is basically an e-mail capture page that you put on your website, usually somewhere on your home page. The purpose of it is to get email addresses from people who visit your site so that you can send them offers for your product or service. Learn more about Squeeze pages here.

There are many methods to capture leads, but one way to do it is by asking visitors for their email addresses in exchange for something valuable: for example, letting them download a free report or whitepaper about something related to your business.


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