The Power of List Building with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to create solid passive income, but in order to do so, you’ll need a sales funnel. If you’re unfamiliar with this term and want to learn more about list building, here’s what it means:

A sales funnel starts with your customer at the top and ends with you pocketing some cash (hopefully!) at the bottom of the chain.

In between the customer and you are various stages of the funnel, each featuring opportunities to convert visitors into customers and customers into repeat buyers. So how does list building factor into all of this? Consider these points.

What is affiliate marketing & list building?

The first step is to figure out exactly what affiliate marketing is. The easiest way to think about it is that it’s a referral program: a website will pay you a commission for every person you refer to them. In other words, if someone buys something on Amazon and went through an affiliate link, you earn a percentage from Amazon for referring them to their site.

List Building

And it works on other sites too—if someone buys a car from CarsDirect or Travelocity, you can make money too! Not all websites offer affiliate programs, but many do and they’re always worth looking into.

Why are affiliate marketing lists important?

There are many ways to build a list and grow your business, but affiliate marketing lists are more powerful than most. I got a lot of my knowledge from the 30 Days Email Journey Hacks.

For example, think about what is involved in each step of list building. First, you need to find potential subscribers and then get them to subscribe. It’s simple enough to write an email that people want to read, but it can be difficult to come up with a catchy subject line or lead magnet (free gift).

Next, you have to reach out personally and ask people to sign up for your newsletter without coming across as pushy or sleazy. And it doesn’t stop there – you also have to provide quality content that is unique and valuable on a regular basis so people continue coming back for more.

What can you send to your list?

The possibilities are endless. To start, create a list-building ebook full of tips, secrets, or hacks related to your business.

List Building

You can also send your list of free tools and resources. Build them slowly from day one so you don’t overwhelm anyone or flood their inboxes. Each time someone buys something on your website using your affiliate link, they get added to your list and you earn a commission on their sale.

As you build trust with them over time (and hopefully make more sales in that same time period), they’ll be more likely to click through to other offers and buy products down the road too.

How do you create a viral campaign?

We’re all pretty familiar with what makes a video go viral: Content, controversy, celebrity, or cats (often in that order). But if you have something to say and want people to hear it, one of your best weapons is an army of subscribers.

If you can turn your potential audience into an email list—and make sure they trust you enough to stick around—then you have at least some semblance of viral advertising. All it takes is a little thoughtfulness. Here are three quick tips for building an email list through affiliate marketing.

What platforms can you use for list building?

List Building

Many affiliate marketers start their list on an email marketing platform like Aweber, which is an excellent solution for delivering high-quality content to your subscribers.

With a wide range of customizable tools and features, Aweber makes it easy to keep your subscribers engaged and help you grow your business. On top of that, Aweber offers affordable plans for businesses at all stages.

There are also plenty of advanced features and integrations if you’re looking to get more hands-on with your campaign. Learn more here.

However, if you’re just getting started or want something a little less complicated, I recommend checking out MailChimp as well; they also offer great resources to grow your list and help you create successful campaigns.

Where can you find affiliates and promo codes?

The first place you should start looking for affiliates is in your niche. Try asking questions on social media, reaching out to webmasters, or contacting businesses that work in similar niches.

Often, someone who is running a review site will want to send traffic their way as well. Of course, if you’re interested in affiliate marketing from a broader perspective, there are plenty of sites like Groupon and Amazon where you can find high-traffic outlets that don’t pertain directly to your niche.

There are also services like DealFeeder or LiveDealer where companies post promo codes for products they want to give away; these services help find deals available on products that affiliates can promote through e-mail lists or custom landing pages.

Tips on list building & emailing your list.

If you already have a list, you need to send a few good email offers for them to open and read. The great thing about affiliate marketing is that people are joining your list because they want information about whatever it is that you’re selling (and if they’re smart, people on your list will end up being customers who buy from you!). Find out more information from the 30 Days Email Journey Hacks

List Building

Just make sure that whatever information you send them isn’t an obvious sell—that’s just annoying and turns people off from buying from you.

Send out emails every so often; make sure that there’s enough variety in the content on your website that they aren’t all sent out at once.


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