7 Proven Tips on How to Become a Super Affiliate

Learning to become a Super Affiliate can seem like an insurmountable challenge, but it’s easier than you think! If you’re going to take on this journey, it pays to be well-informed on what to expect and how to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. I learned how to become a super affiliate at OLSP Academy.

Become a Super Affiliate

These seven tips will help you build your confidence as you move forward with your business goals. You might not become the next Super Affiliate right away, but with these tips, who knows? You could be that person one day!

1) Pick a niche you’re interested in

The first step in becoming a super affiliate is picking your niche. The most common advice for picking your niche is to pick something you’re interested in. This can be difficult for some people, but think about what things you already spend time thinking about, reading about, and learning about.

Your passions will be more likely to show through in your writing if it’s something you’re actually interested in as opposed to just trying to make money from it.

Once you’ve decided what niche interests you, do some research and see if there are already active communities and if so how big they are and how many members there are.

2) Always offering value helps to become a super affiliate

Before you promote or affiliate with any business online, be sure that your relationship is one of value. It may sound obvious, but not all affiliates treat affiliates right.

Become a Super Affiliate

There are only two things that matter in an affiliate relationship: how much your efforts bring in and how much they invest back into your business. If they don’t add value, then they are hurting more than helping, so try not to get caught up in a bad situation.

Super affiliates focus their efforts on finding businesses that want their help and want to invest in building an effective marketing team together. It’s more work up front, but it pays off down the road when you have partners instead of transactional relationships with merchants.

3) Understand how affiliate marketing works

You may have heard of affiliate marketing, but you might not know how it works. The basics are pretty simple—an affiliate is someone who promotes your products or services for a commission.

This is one kind of affiliate marketer, but there are actually several different kinds. One of those is super affiliates (see below). So if you’re thinking about getting into affiliate marketing, you’ll need to understand how it all works before starting out.

It can be confusing at first, but if you stick with it, there’s big money in affiliate marketing.

4) It helps to know who your audience is to become a super affiliate

If you want to be successful, you have to know your audience—what kind of person are they, what do they like? Are they primarily men or women? What age range do they fall into? Super affiliates aren’t just selling products. Come and join me at OLSP Academy and learn how to become a super affiliate.

They’re also selling ideas and building relationships. If you get too heavy-handed with your marketing pitches, you risk losing that relationship with your audience, which means fewer sales and ultimately less money in your pocket.

Become a Super Affiliate

Make sure when writing affiliate content that it genuinely helps your readers; nothing turns people off faster than feeling like they’re being sold or hit up for money right away.

5) Be consistent with your efforts

Becoming a super affiliate isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes many years of consistent effort, creativity and dedication.

If you’re serious about becoming an affiliate superstar, commit yourself to improve your skills and increasing your profits every single day. Consistency is critical because it ensures that you won’t get bored, start slacking off or lose interest in what you’re doing.

Make it your goal to add one new idea or skill every single day. Keep up with that pace for five years and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a super affiliate yourself!

6) To Become a super affiliate you need to Invest in your website

No matter how small your business, it’s essential that you have a professional website. Your website is your business card and without one, no one will know about your super affiliate exploits.

Become a Super Affiliate

It doesn’t need to be fancy but it does need to look professional. Try Squarespace for easy design and support; you can also check out WordPress for more flexibility but keep in mind it takes a bit more work for upkeep.

The great thing about blogging is that websites are so much cheaper than they used to be (and even free), so investing in your own domain and site won’t cost you as much as it used to – although don’t forget there are always startup costs before you get paid through advertising or sponsorships!

7) Keep it simple, stupid!

It can be very tempting when writing an advertorial to spruce it up with some over-the-top imagery and superlatives that aren’t particularly true. Don’t do it!

The golden rule of affiliate marketing is don’t exaggerate; your credibility will take a hit and people won’t trust you anymore, which is what you want in an affiliate marketer.

Become a Super Affiliate

Super affiliates always keep their messaging simple, easy-to-understand and above all honest.


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