7 Reasons Why Solo Ads Are the Best Way to Promote

Using solo ads to promote your affiliate offers is one of the most effective strategies out there, so you can’t afford to skip this step.

But what are the best solo ads to use? I’ve compiled a list of 7 reasons why solo ads are the best way to promote your affiliate offers and that you should always include them in your strategy. Keep reading to find out more! Wayne Crowe’s solo ads from the OLSP Academy are the ones I would recommend.

1) Massive Amounts of Targeted Traffic

Solo Ads

When done right, solo ads can help you bring in a massive amount of targeted traffic. Some solo ad sellers have offered me $50 per thousand visitors—meaning I’ve gotten my money back many times over when everything worked out.

Remember that massive amounts of targeted traffic isn’t just an opportunity for exposure or advertising revenue; if your business is part of an affiliate program, that sort of traffic could send a ton of high-quality leads your way. I use Wayne Crowe for my Solo ads, as he’s a great vendor and a friend of mine. He always delivers quality targeted traffic.

Not only will you make money from sales; but those leads can also generate revenue for you over time. When using solo ads for affiliate marketing, don’t rely on just one seller. Try several different services and track how much traffic each sends before you purchase more ads from any particular seller.

2) No Backlinking Necessary With Solo Ads

Most affiliates have strong followings, but only a few of them use solo ads for affiliate marketing. Instead of focusing on promoting themselves and building their brands, they prefer going down other routes that end up costing more in terms of time and money.

Solo Ads

Those extra resources mean less revenue over time and a slower growth rate, too. Solo ads can cut through all that wasted effort by taking direct aim at your target audience.

You don’t need backlinking or anything else to reach your audience as they’re getting bombarded with sales messages anyway. Just create a custom offer, include it in your solo ad, and wait for responses to roll in.

3) Flexible Payment Terms

Being able to offer flexible payment terms allows you to increase your conversions. If a potential customer is hesitant about your product or service, being able to let them know that they can pay for it over time will open up opportunities for sales that otherwise would have been missed.

Solo Ads

The best solo ads offer the option of flexible payment, and ensure that customers are aware of their ability to do so. This alone can lead to increased sales in almost every situation. Additionally, when someone makes a purchase on credit rather than all at once, you may also receive repeat business from them as they make monthly payments. Check out these prices. You get what you pay for.

4) Solo Ads Are Ease of Use

Using solo ads for affiliate marketing is incredibly easy. Unlike old-school internet advertising, you don’t need a media kit, cover letter or cold call list (all good things). All you have to do is promote products and send traffic to a merchant’s sales page.

If you don’t know how to use them properly, though, solo ads can be kind of pointless. So here are 7 reasons why they’re valuable—and ways that they can be used effectively. You can also check this post out.

5) Can Build Long-Term Relationships With Solo Ads

It’s not a secret that affiliate marketing is in itself a relationship-based business. The fundamental way of getting a customer to buy from you instead of your competitor is by offering them something worth their time, money and trust.

When you can build these kinds of relationships in an authentic and consistent manner, then you become extremely valuable to potential customers – and people are willing to pay for value. Best solo ads are designed precisely for building long-term relationships with the target audience so that it gets easy to get any offers promoted whenever required by just adding one more email address to your list.

6) Not Risky At All!

If you’re trying to promote an affiliate offer, you might be worried about your own solo ads bringing in new business. However, solo ads can be a very safe way to do it! With solo ads, you’re not investing in sending a message that could possibly go out to hundreds or thousands of people who might not even be interested in your product or service. Check out Wayne Crowe’s Solo ads.

Instead, you work with someone whose goal is simply to send targeted messages—which means you have no risk that someone will ignore your marketing message and make a purchase anyway.

Solo Ads

Working with somebody who specializes in solo ads for affiliate marketing can give you confidence that if anyone does convert from your solo ad campaign, they were likely already thinking about buying what you had on offer before they saw your ad.

7) Great Customer Service

Everyone wants to be on a team with a great group of folks, who know and care about them. That’s why when you do something that makes your customers or downline happy (not just sell them a product), they want to talk about it.

Chatter is contagious in an organic way, so make sure you are doing things as an affiliate marketer that encourage great customer service. The best affiliates never rest on their laurels and always work towards creating top-notch content because they know what their customers want and care about.

And then they go above and beyond and show how much they care with free products, bonuses, contests and more!


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