Content Marketing: How to Make Money: A Step-By-Step Guide

Want to make money with content marketing? You’re not alone. Everyone from startups to Fortune 500 companies is trying to figure out how to turn their high-quality content into hard cash—and the numbers don’t lie: Before you read below. I suggest you check out Anyword Content AI writer

Content marketing is growing at almost double the rate of paid digital advertising, and 70% of B2B marketers say they expect content marketing budgets to increase over the next 12 months. But the question remains:

How do you make money with content marketing? Start by learning the best way to approach content marketing and where you should focus your efforts. Here are other ways I use to make money.

Part 1 – Define your business model for content marketing

If you are unfamiliar with what a business model is, it is simply how your organization will make money. Some examples include selling products or providing services.

To determine how you want to monetize your website, think about who would be interested in reading your content and what they might pay for it. If you are an established brand with a loyal following of fans on social media, you might use these networks as an effective way to monetize your content.

Content Marketing

Asking people to follow, like and share on their networks gives them an incentive in return for their engagement with your company. The more they engage, however, the greater chance they will see ads or sponsored posts that can earn revenue for your business model strategy.

Part 2 – Research and select your audiences

Start by identifying your target audiences and determining if you have a product or service for each. Remember, one audience does not fit all.

The more specific you are in identifying your audience and writing content for them, the more likely they will be to respond positively to your content and eventually buy from you. Keep track of who your audiences are as you go through creating each piece of content.

You can create an excel spreadsheet with audience type at the top, audience name underneath that column, then several columns below for different aspects about those audiences such as their pain points or goals (which is where you would fill in any information that is relevant). This will help keep everything organized.

Part 3 – Choose your content marketing type

It’s important that you know what content type your audience likes best. On most major news sites, for example, you’ll find both video and written content – however, if you take a quick look at their analytics, there is usually one type of content that attracts more views than others.

Content Marketing

The same applies to blogs as well. You may find that some posts are shared by more people than others – try varying your content types and see what works best! Hint: Use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to get an idea of what kind of content your audience wants!

Even better, look at popular bloggers in your niche and analyze their social media strategy – get creative and start experimenting with different strategies!

Part 4 – Create, publish, measure, refine

You’ve done a ton of research and preparation—you know your topic well, you’ve chosen how you’re going to publish, and you have an idea of what your content might look like. Now’s when it’s time to bring all that together into a final draft. I use Anyword AI content writer daily which speeds the whole process up.

While there are lots of tools out there (like ProWritingAid) that can assist in drafting, focus on getting it down in just one place first before looking at outside assistance. When you’re ready, read over what you’ve created and make sure it checks out with your target audience based on everything else you’ve learned about them.

At this point, see if any additions or subtractions need to be made. Finally, save a copy for yourself and prepare for publishing! (Not quite there yet?)

Part 5 – Expand your reach with content marketing

After you’ve started creating a body of work and building an audience, it’s time to expand your reach. How? Here are a few ideas: (1) Publish on new platforms, such as Medium and LinkedIn Pulse.

Content Marketing

Be sure to post links back to your primary site wherever possible (2) Guest post on other sites in your industry or related fields. Add links back to your own work whenever possible (3) Consider hiring a PR agency or intern if you want a more hands-on approach.

For example, some agencies will create custom content pieces and publish them elsewhere on social media channels. However, be careful not to overspend on these services; they can become pricey!

Section 6 – Grow your traffic using influencers

The number one way for any brand or business to grow is through creating content and distributing it across multiple channels. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business owner or a Fortune 500, unless you invest in your content marketing strategy, you will fall behind.

As a small business owner, identifying which platforms and channels will work best for your company can be confusing. If there’s one thing we know about modern marketing is that it changes on a daily basis. Check out Anyword AI content creator.

The same strategies used today may not work tomorrow but there are some strategies that never change and they are influencer marketing campaigns, using industry experts and other thought leaders to deliver your message across different demographics of users on social media platforms.


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