7 Ways to Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be an extremely effective way to earn money online as long as you pick the right programs. If you choose to promote products that don’t have much demand, your visitors won’t be interested in what you have to offer and they won’t make any purchases, meaning you won’t earn anything from affiliate marketing. However, if you select products that your customers want to buy, then you will be able to effectively earn money through affiliate marketing. This post will give you seven ways to earn money through affiliate marketing and start making some real money today! If you need more information on this, just check out my other post here.

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1) Building trust is key to earn money through affiliate marketing

Building trust with your potential customers is key to your success. Without their trust, you can’t expect them to give you any money at all, so it’s important that you put yourself in their shoes and understand why they would be wary of buying from an affiliate marketer.

In today’s day and age, people are approached on a daily basis by marketers who want nothing more than to separate them from their hard-earned cash.

Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing

Making a personal connection and building trust goes a long way toward gaining your potential customer’s confidence.

Try to establish something about yourself as a person before getting into how you plan on helping them make money online. If you need any help with this, you may reach out to me on Facebook here. Just mention you have read my blog post and I will reply.

2) Don’t base your entire business around one link

A large portion of affiliate marketers who don’t see results with their campaigns finds themselves committing one of these two sins. First, they bet everything on a single website. Second, they promote only one type of product from a single vendor.

A much more effective way to make money as an affiliate marketer is to build your business around multiple different links with multiple different products, so that you aren’t relying on anyone’s site for your income and so that you are attracting a broad range of potential customers.

We promote a different product or training every week so we don’t repeatedly promote the same thing. You can find out how we do this here. We also give you all the tools and resources to help you with your promotions.

Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing

3) Give before you get

The best way to generate a reliable and consistent passive income is through affiliate marketing. This strategy allows you to publish offers on your site that payout when they’re converted, based on a commission schedule.

This ensures you won’t make money until someone purchases an offer. However, there are other ways to earn money as an affiliate marketer. For example, with CPA (cost-per-action) offers, affiliates only get paid when people take specific actions—like signing up for newsletters or downloading free reports.

4) Create content worth sharing to earn money through affiliate marketing

It’s tough to make affiliate marketing pay off, but it can be done. If you want your marketing efforts (whether they’re off-site or on-site) to generate clicks that turn into conversions and sales, you have to create content worth sharing.

No matter how sharp your affiliate strategy is, if your content isn’t great—people won’t link to it and share it. They simply won’t care enough about what you have to say. One way of creating great content is asking yourself who will want to share it before actually writing a single word of copy for that piece of content. The answer may surprise you…make sure it doesn’t! You can find out where and how I create my content the fast way here.

Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing

5) Network with influencers who trust you

You can earn money through affiliate marketing by doing what you’re already doing—connecting with influencers who trust you and are willing to share your information with their audience. Most social media influencers (or influencers) do not have a team or anyone dedicated to affiliate marketing, so they rely on social media connections for sharing products and services.

Start by reaching out directly and see if an influencer will connect with you. Be sure to send a personalized message that doesn’t feel salesy; think of it as having an online chat with a friend instead of cold calling someone about their business.

6) Invest in your email list to earn money through affiliate marketing

If you’re an email marketer, get your hands on a service like Get Response. The company is well-known for having some of the best email autoresponders and tools in its field. Not only will these improve your follow-up rates and conversions—but they’ll also help you grow your business in more ways than one.

Earn Money Through Affiliate Marketing

Besides saving time, growing your following, and getting creative with deals, affiliate programs (like Ebates), product launches (Quora), courses (Udemy), affiliate contests, group deals, marketing partnerships…these are just a few ways that you can use email to earn money outside of just promotions/offers. I can personally attest that it works! I earn thousands of dollars each month doing so!

7) Partner with experts in your niche

When you’re just starting out with affiliate marketing, it makes sense to partner with a company that already has products or services you can promote for a commission. This is especially true if your goal is to make as much money as possible right away.

However, there are two main downsides of joining an affiliate network early on: It may take time before they allow you access to higher commissions and it could mean paying more in joining fees than if you wait until you have more traffic and/or followers. (For those reasons, make sure to check out my detailed guide on how to join an affiliate network like ShareASale). In my opinion, OLSP Is the best place to start (free) for beginners Intermediate and already successful entrepreneurs. I can give you the best advice and support with the system if you sign up under me here and we can crush it together.


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