How To Outsource a Digital Product From Start to Finish?

The world of digital products has exploded in recent years. With how easily you can publish digital products online, they’re one of the best ways to make money on the internet as an entrepreneur. So how do you outsource a digital product?

If you want to make your own digital product, there are some things you need to know before you get started outsourcing it to contractors or developers. Digital marketing, which includes everything from content marketing to email marketing, has many different forms. Read this comprehensive guide to learn how to outsource your digital product from start to finish successfully.

Setting Up Your System to Outsource a Digital Product

Once you have a fairly good idea of what your digital product will be, set up a landing page. It’s easy to do with any one of the dozens of tools available today.

Outsource a Digital Product

In fact, there are so many it can be overwhelming to choose just one tool. I personally use TD Pages. It has got to be the best landing page builder out there. You can take a free trial here to test it out.

The Idea Creation Phase to Outsource a Digital Product

Before we start creating your product, it’s important to have an idea of what you are trying to create.

If you don’t have any initial ideas for a digital product yet, I recommend looking at similar products in your market and thinking about how you could improve upon them or do something that no one else is doing.

Ideally, you should be able to answer these questions before moving on to Phase 2 of our process. I sometimes get my Ideas from PLR products. Take a look at which ones are selling the best and build your product around them.

Outsource a Digital Product

How will people benefit from my product? What problems will it solve? Who will use it? Why would they want to use it? What features would make users want to keep using it? How can I incorporate social media sharing and engagement features into my product?

The Marketing Phase to Outsource a Digital Product

In order to actually make money off your product, you have to get people interested in it.

This might seem like an unnecessary step if you’re planning on using your digital product as a lead magnet (i.e., something that you give away for free with hopes of making sales through email marketing), but it’s important to include if you want to do things right.

Once again, paid advertizing is a great way to drive eyeballs and attract potential buyers, but more often than not these days I, prefer SEO and content marketing.

Whether it’s a written piece or an audio or video file, creating valuable information that people are interested in is a great way to bring traffic to your site from search engines–and ultimately close sales.

The Development Phase to Outsource a Digital Product

When you outsource a digital product, there are two main phases of development to consider: Content and Technology.

Outsource a Digital Product

Content creation is what most people think about when they imagine content creation (e.g., writing), but technology can also be a significant part of how you develop your digital product.

For example, if you’re creating an online course, it’s important to decide whether you want to use video, audio or both in addition to text. Take a look at Anyword which is an AI Software for content writing.

The Launch Phase to Outsource a Digital Product

In order to launch your product, you’ll need a solid idea of what you’re going to create. It can be as simple as offering copywriting or design services for other companies (or freelancers).

However, if you want to create an actual digital product—say a software tool that helps people manage their budgets—you should have a good handle on how it will work before you start trying to put it together.

Similarly, if you’re creating a physical product—say something like personalized yoga mats or ceramic coasters—it’s important to know that there’s demand in your market before hiring staff and investing money into design and production.


Learning how to outsource work is one of the first big challenges for many people looking to start their own digital business. Check my post on Quora about The Benefits of Digital Marketing: How to Write Digital Product Reviews

This doesn’t have to be difficult though and I hope you found some value in these steps, plus maybe a couple of other resources, that can help guide you in creating your very own digital product.


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Outsource A Digital Product

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