How To Rank on Google and How Long Does It Take?

You’ve worked hard on your new blog article, uploaded it to your website, and shared it on social media. Now what? How long do you wait before checking the analytics report to see how much traffic it brought in? And when will you get to see it show up in the search results and rank on Google? Get this 7-day video course on how to rank on Google.

While there are some best practices you can follow, Google can be unpredictable and there’s no one-size-fits-all answer that tells you exactly how long it takes to rank in Google’s search results for specific keywords.

Q. What are the factors to rank on Google?

As it stands, ranking factors are ever-changing and for a lot of people, ranking high on Google is either just a dream or something that can only be done by those who have more money than sense.

Rank on Google

Even so, there are still things you can do to help your SEO game if you know what makes a good search engine rank your web page highly and even how long it takes to rank on page one! Read on as we examine some of those all-important topics.

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A. The 3 Pillars of SEO Success

So how long does it take to rank on Google? It all depends on how many page authority, or PA, points you already have. I used this all-in-one SEO Tool Suite which was amazingly helpful.

To make sure your content is seen by readers as a valuable resource and worthy of being linked to, start by mastering these three pillars of SEO success: On-Page Optimization: PA is all about on-page optimization—or ensuring that your content is well optimized for search engines.

This includes things like choosing descriptive keywords and making sure they appear close together within your content (so don’t do things like put an image right before your CTA). Off-Page Optimization:

Adding value to other people’s sites also helps gain backlinks and create PA points.

Q. When should I start a new campaign?

Before you start a new campaign, it’s important to make sure you haven’t taken any measures that could potentially hurt your campaign.

This includes removing any URLs from your index that you aren’t working on (check by using a link: query) or taking too many manual actions on your other URLs. In addition, if you used negative SEO (malicious links) to hurt someone else, then don’t expect that same person won’t try and do something similar back at you.

The issue here is these things can all have an effect on how quickly you rank on Google – good and bad.

A. Start Now, don’t wait!

If you have a plan, you’re halfway there. So get started! The sooner you begin building links and content, the more time you’ll have for your site to improve in search results.

Rank on Google

The next section shows how long it will take for new pages on your site to become valuable. On average, we’ve found that content takes three months before it starts gaining traction—and two years before major visibility gains are made.

So if there’s one thing you need to do now, start creating new content and links as soon as possible! If ranking in Google is important to your business or website, make sure that search engine optimization (SEO) is not just on your radar but part of your strategy.

Q. What is link building?

Link building is a process that can take weeks or months. The goal of link building is to obtain links from other web pages and point them back at your website.

Links are like votes; when potential customers see how many sites already have linked back to you, they will feel more confident in your site’s relevance.

To rank on Google takes time and patience, but if you follow a well-planned link-building campaign, it should not take more than 3 months. This software helps you find more long-tailed keywords.

However, every project is different and it’s nearly impossible to predict exactly how long something will take.

A. Why Link Building Is Important to rank on Google

If you want your website to rank in Google, then you need links. Without links, it’s nearly impossible for a brand new site to climb high enough on search results pages (SERPs) to be noticed.

Rank on Google

With links from influential sites and blogs, your site can rise up quickly. Once on page one, you can start driving targeted traffic through effective SEO copywriting, content marketing and social media marketing. This Magic Backlinking Software will help you on your way.

Q. How much will it cost me to make my website visible on search engines and to rank on Google?

If you’re concerned about your website’s search engine ranking and want to know exactly how much you should budget for SEO, then you should definitely consider using AccuRanker.

If you are looking for more accurate search engine rankings in Google, AccuRanker is without a doubt your best option. By entering any domain name or keyword into AccuRanker, you can see immediately how many keywords rank on a certain site and how high they rank.

In addition, you can get an overall rating of sites that offer SEO services as well as read their customer reviews and ratings. The cost of getting immediate search engine results can range from $12/month to thousands of dollars depending on your individual needs.

A. Costs are predictable with no surprises

A cheap company offering online marketing will not be able to provide a detailed estimate for how long it takes them to rank in Google because there are too many factors involved that are out of their control.

A cheap company doesn’t have enough resources and time on their hands so they pass these risks off onto you, i.e., unpredictable results which can put your project way over budget. If a website is hard-coded and has thousands of low-quality links pointing at it, it may take months or even years before ranking on page one.

The risk here is that you may need those results yesterday!

Q. How much time will be needed for this project?

The question depends on so many variables. Is your goal to increase visibility and traffic or rank better in search engines? Each tactic has its own set of parameters, but it generally takes 6-12 months for good SEO results or 2-6 months for a viral marketing campaign (provided you have an existing customer base).

Rank on Google

The exception is paid advertising campaigns that can bring positive results much faster. That said, ranking high and getting your company name out there requires patience! Although less important than search engine optimization, social media marketing should be considered as well.

A. We need at least 4 months if everything goes right, but usually 6–12 months to rank on Google (it depends on how much competitors rank)

Unfortunately, there is no precise answer. There are so many variables that we can’t tell you exactly how long it will take to rank on Google.

First of all, each website has a different profile: some websites have lots of authority and others don’t have any links at all (I know it doesn’t make sense for you, but trust me, rankings depend on link power).

Secondly, search engines update their ranking algorithms about every month or even more often. If a new ranking factor appears, it could boost your rankings significantly and change everything – if those updates negatively affect you then everything will go down from the top 10 positions.


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