Promote Your Ebook | 10 of the Best Ways

How do you promote your ebook? More specifically, how do you promote your ebook in such a way that results in not only more sales of your book, but also in more sales of other books? Here are 5 statistics for promoting affiliate products.

If you’re new to promoting ebooks, there are quite a few things you can do to give your book the best chance of selling. Here are 10 of the best ways to promote your ebook online.

1) Book giveaways

If you’re looking for immediate ebook promotion, give away a few copies. This is particularly effective if you’ve got some friends who are book bloggers—ask them if they’d be willing to host a giveaway, and then send them your ebook.

Of course, sending it directly will also work. Be sure that whoever you send it to has permission to give it away—that way they won’t get in trouble with Amazon. If you don’t have access to book bloggers, put a call out on social media.

2) Run A Competition to promote your eBook

One of my favorite ebook promotion ideas is one that we use with our own products—we run a competition in which we offer an ebook copy as a prize. You could ask your audience, Name three new ways you’d like to see X done, or you could set up a poll on social media asking people what they think of your latest ebook (be sure to ask them to share it first!).

Or how about doing an informal review, encouraging people to sign up for your newsletter and then mentioning there’s a free e-copy waiting for them?

If you’re reading my book right now and wondering how in the world I’m able to give it away, it’s because I wrote it as a PDF/ePub document and gave away 25 copies when I released it last month.

3) Do guest posts on blogs in your niche

Guest posts have long been considered one of the best ways to promote your ebook. They also provide a great way for bloggers, who receive many guest post requests, to choose someone they like and then reach their audience with them.

It’s a win-win! As far as what type of content you’ll be writing, it really depends on which niche you’re in. For example, if you write ebooks about fashion or personal style, perhaps guest blogging on a trendy fashion-focused fashion site would be most beneficial for your book promotion (and vice versa). If you already have several popular posts on your own website/blog—use those when pitching other blogs.

4) Include your ebook in a collection

Make it easy for customers to find your book by submitting it in a popular ebook bundle. Self-publishing platforms like Smashwords, Books2Read and BookBaby can connect you with great collections that might introduce you to a whole new audience.

There are tons of great bundles out there—and lots more coming out every day—so take a few minutes and peruse some popular sites to get an idea of what’s being offered right now.

Once you see which collections appeal most to your readers, search for those same titles on Amazon, B&N and Apple so you can tap into their audiences as well. If self-publishing is new for you, here’s how to make it work for your next ebook promotion.

5) Get reviews to promote your eBook

One of my favorite ways to promote an ebook is simply to ask people to review it. I usually do that after a month or two of release. The review, although unpaid, brings additional exposure, and more importantly credibility, to your book.

No one is going to review a terrible book so in order for someone to be willing, they must already like what you’ve written! So before you release make sure your content is top-notch! After releasing email your list about a free copy for an honest review. Add Amazon giveaways and Hangouts on Air.

You can even launch an eBook promotion website where you do interviews with others in your niche which might drive traffic as well as encourage others in your field who are also looking for ideas on how they can write better ebooks.

6) Use email marketing

Emails are sent and received every day, so it’s easy for them to get lost in your inbox. But don’t let that happen. As soon as you publish your ebook, start sending people regular emails about it—but make sure you personalize these emails to match each recipient’s interests.

For example, if someone loves basketball, a good subject line might be: Top 10 basketball-themed ebooks. Keep track of what works and what doesn’t; all ebook promotion starts with something different working for someone else. If emails aren’t right for you try social media or paid advertising.

7) Give away an audiobook version with an ebook purchase

If you have an ebook, give away an audiobook version. This can help boost sales and improve your listing on Amazon by making your book more visible. A full audiobook generally costs around $50.

It won’t cost much more than that to produce an audiobook version, and you could end up with hundreds or thousands of additional copies sold on top of what you already do. Depending on how many books you sell, it might be worth it.

8) Create a dedicated landing page

It’s common for business sites and blogs to have a Contact Us page. In some cases, these pages serve as landing pages for certain promotions. However, if you want to run an ebook promotion, it makes sense to create a landing page specifically for that campaign.

That way, readers can opt-in without feeling like they’re being hustled with ads or sales pitches—and you don’t risk irritating your regular readers who just happened upon your site by accident.

9) Another way to promote your eBook are Email subscribers

Send an email to your list promoting your ebook. These subscribers are already interested in what you have to say and trust that your emails are interesting, valuable, and worth their time.

One of my favorite ways to promote my ebooks is sending a series of follow-up emails over a period of several days—it’s like a mini-ebook promotion campaign within my regular newsletter. (From How To Start A Business: A Step-by-Step Guide )

10) Spend time on social media sites is one of the best ways to promote your eBook

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are a fantastic way to promote your ebook—if you’re willing to put in a little work. While it’s tempting to post once or twice and call it good, social media takes time.

Plan on spending an hour every day posting links about your book on sites like these; as time goes by you’ll see sales rise.


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