What Is Shiny Object Syndrome in Affiliate Marketing?

Have you ever had your attention drawn to something new and exciting in affiliate marketing, only to find out later that it wasn’t actually as profitable as you thought?

Have you ever started with one idea or strategy only to give up on it when something else came along?

If so, you might be dealing with Shiny Object Syndrome, which refers to the tendency of people to become bored with what they’re doing and jump from one activity or idea to another without fully completing anything.

Learn more about how this common problem can affect your affiliate marketing campaigns and what you can do about it. Please don’t fall victim to the shiny object syndrome.

The term originated from dog training

Shiny object syndrome can be used to describe someone who is easily distracted.

In dog training, the term refers to a canine’s fascination with a brightly-colored object that they would rather play with than follow commands.

This can also apply to humans who may find themselves easily distracted by shiny objects that don’t really matter much.

Here are three signs you might have Shiny Object Syndrome:

You find yourself running from one pursuit to another because something better will always come along; your attention is drawn more to what is new and shiny rather than what is working for you now; and/or there’s an underlying feeling of boredom or insecurity, no matter how good life seems on the surface.

3 Key Points to Remember When Dealing With Shiny Objects

1. Shiny object syndrome is a term used to describe the phenomenon of being compelled to chase after new projects, opportunities and ventures at the expense of current ones.

The term has been popularized by business author Seth Godin and it has since come to refer

2. Shiny object syndrome also describes how people who are loyal to one company or brand can lose focus when they are offered something else that looks like a better deal.

3. You can’t be both committed and opportunistic simultaneously: If you get dragged away from what you’re doing, it will take time, energy and money to get back on track – this is why loyalty pays off if you truly want.

Shiny Objects In Affiliate Marketing

Shiny object syndrome is when you find yourself constantly chasing the newest and latest fad, trend, or thing online.

You’re always finding yourself being drawn to something new and not being happy with what you have because it’s not shiny enough. It’s a vicious cycle of looking for the next best thing that isn’t necessarily needed. 

This dilemma can be summed up in a few words: know thyself. Know what you want, what you need, and how to get it without falling victim to the shiny object syndrome traps that are all over the internet right now.

Strategies For Dealing With Shiny Objects

We’ve all been there. A new program launches and you’re curious, so you sign up.

You take the course and start applying what you learn to your business.

Six months later, when another course launches, that feeling of curiosity makes you want to give it a try too.

You know you should be focusing on where the best ROI for your money lies, but it’s hard to do when so many options keep catching your eye.

It might seem like I’m contradicting myself because as someone who does offer courses on how to make affiliate marketing work for beginners I may be coming across as promoting Shiny Object Syndrome–but that’s not actually what this syndrome is all about!

To Handle a Shiny Object

One of the most common challenges of being an affiliate marketer is Shiny Object Syndrome. What is it?

Basically, you see a new thing that comes out and before you even give it a chance, you are already saying no to the old things that used to work for you and jumping on the new shiny object as your weight depends on it.

You can’t help but get sucked into all the hype about how this shiny object is going to be so awesome for your business or industry, but then when reality starts kicking in, like needing more time or resources to dedicate just to one idea or another bad report about the product shows up, your doubts start creeping in. 


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Shiny Object Syndrome