8 Free Traffic Strategies to Make High Ticket Sales

As technology continues to advance, it’s becoming harder and harder to make high ticket sales. Fortunately, you can bypass some of these challenges by taking advantage of free traffic strategies to drive more qualified leads and interested customers directly to your website or landing page.

Here are eight free traffic strategies to help you make high ticket sales in 2022 and beyond.

1) Targeted traffic from Pinterest

Traffic Strategies

In order to make high ticket sales, you need targeted traffic that knows what your products are and is already interested in your niche. Pinterest is a great source of targeted traffic because it allows users to search by product or category.

Making content on Pinterest can lead to new customers and will help your overall website’s SEO as well. Sharing pictures with others online or at events will show other people what makes your business different from others and increase word-of-mouth advertising.

You should put yourself out there every chance you get so that people can have an emotional attachment to your company and brand.

2) Linkedin Groups

Most people never use their Linkedin groups, because they don’t even know they exist. Think about it; your Linkedin Groups are a super valuable and often untapped way of reaching tons of new people.

Traffic Strategies

There are more than 5 million groups on Linkedin, which means if you add value to those groups (instead of just joining for that extra touch), there is potential for a massive reach with high ticket sales in 2022.

3) Google My Business Page ( Traffic Strategies )

Creating a Google My Business Page will help you attract potential customers. Without one, potential clients can’t easily find your business online, which is bad for both your sales and reputation.

For added convenience and exposure, add as much information as possible to your page—this includes a detailed description of your services and easy-to-find contact information. To make sure that prospective customers know what they can expect from doing business with you, include things like customer testimonials on your Google My Business Page.

This makes it easier for people to see what others think of working with you, helping them decide whether or not they should consider using your services too. Building relationships is just one more way to grow sales and succeed in high ticket sales.

4) Pinterest Boards ( Traffic Strategies )

I’ve built over 100 Pinterest boards with thousands of pins that have received hundreds of repins and traffic from Pinterest.

A well-executed Pinterest strategy can work for anyone but is most effective for high ticket sales. High ticket products require a substantial amount of time for research and decision-making on a customer’s part, which means they’ll probably visit your website before converting (if they convert at all).

In other words, a well-executed Pinterest strategy should drive traffic to your site and make it easy for visitors to purchase from you.

5) Lists ( Traffic Strategies )

An easy way to generate traffic is by writing a top 10 list. People love them, so it’s no surprise that list posts get shared.

One recent top-10 list post on HubSpot generated over 100,000 views in under two weeks! If you’re trying to drive high ticket sales for your business, start developing content ideas around lists.

6) YouTube videos ( Traffic Strategies )

High ticket sales are typically handled by well-known personalities with a lot of followers who have products that cost anywhere from $500-$2000 and more. Tube Mastery is the best YouTube course and community on the market.

Traffic Strategies

While there are obvious exceptions, those purchasing high-ticket items tend to take their purchases seriously and like getting help navigating what they’re buying.

Creating YouTube videos outlining products you’ve used or recommended is a way for you to give customers hands-on advice on why your product is worth it—and how best to make use of it.

This isn’t a silver bullet, but if executed correctly can yield solid results—and you could reach your target audience by tapping into an existing audience outside of your website.

7) SlideShare Presentations

SlideShare is a popular platform that serves as a middleman between brands and prospects. Businesses upload their presentations and host them on SlideShare, creating an easy way for audiences to find relevant information on topics that matter most.

This platform lets businesses sell or promote products and services within their content, making it one of your best sources for free traffic strategies.

Don’t forget about using your own landing pages when it comes time to add a squeeze page or shopping cart!

8) Facebook Posts

High ticket sales are a crucial part of growing your business. Whether you’re selling luxury goods or high-end services, it’s important that you continue learning how to get consistent traffic and leads from platforms like Facebook. Everyone wants to get paid to be on Facebook. This Converts to all social media and makes money from online traffic.

Traffic Strategies

By 2022, you can expect that Facebook will be rolling out even more marketing tools for businesses—tools that will help refine targeting and lead engagement.


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