11 Reasons Why Affiliate Markers Fail and What To Do

Find some reasons Why Affiliate Markers Fail below.

So here are my top 11 reasons why affiliate markers fail below. You can find out what successful marketers do in this post.

  1. No Offer
    Offers are what motivate people, and we all enjoy a good deal.
    It’s all part of the business dance: make an enticing offer. I’m interested in your offer, therefore please accept my contact information.
    Is there no offer, enticement, or carrot? There’s no reason for me to provide you with my contact information.
    Include an OFFER in your ad, whether it’s a landing page, an email newsletter, an opt-in box, a pop-over, or a website.
  1. A deceptive or misleading headline.
    Don’t advertise a free XBOX on your landing page and then send readers to a page about your poetry book.
    Dishonesty is not a good way to start a potential business relationship. Make an offer, then direct people to it or provide it to them.
    Ad copy should be clever, not deceitful.
  1. Why Affiliate Markers Fail is Sometimes There is no Headline.
    LOOK AT THIS! these are the headlines that grab people by the collar.
    The finest headlines address the audience directly, make an offer, provide REASONS to continue reading, and pique curiosity.
    The purpose of placing ads is to generate leads, and it all starts with a compelling headline!
Why Affiliate Markers Fail
  1. Misspellings and grammatical errors
    Proofread your advertising and make the best first impression possible!
  1. The URL isn’t working!
    You’d be surprised at how often advertisers put incorrect or incorrect website links in their offers.
    Every time a lead clicks on a dead link, you’re dumping your ad revenue down the toilet.
  1. Spam filters are triggered by words in your email newsletter.
    Avoid terms like GUARANTEED or any other nasty or derogatory words in email offers; filters will send them to the rubbish folder.
    Avoid using obvious spam trigger phrases like FREE in your material, but instead, aim to utilize alternate words in subject lines for email marketing.
    Your click rate will clearly be ZERO if your posts/emails are sent straight to spam.
    Nobody will notice your offer if no one receives your email, no matter how nicely crafted it is.
    However, we have a solution; see #11 below.
Why Affiliate Markers Fail
  1. No opt-in
    If your landing pages don’t contain an opt-in form, you’re missing out on LIST BUILDING chances.
    If your prospect receives your email or sees your offer on a safelist, they may not be interested in what you have right now, but they may be interested in receiving information, a free ebook, or more specifics. Get the lead by making a GREAT, no-risk, no-obligation OFFER!
    Build your list one person at a time, rather than buying a subscriber list with email duds or bots.
  1. Using a SALES PAGE instead of a LEAD PAGE
    A Sales Page has its time and place, and a LEAD page has its time and place as well.
    Post LEAD pages, not sales pages, if utilizing Safelists and Exchanges.
  1. Not targeted 
    If your ad is intended for Pet Groomers in Saskatchewan, make every effort to ensure that they see it.
    A customer of ours just created a Facebook Ad Campaign and made it available to the entire United States.
    He couldn’t sell his goods outside of Canada, which was a problem.
    You won’t obtain buys if you don’t target your buyer.
  1. It’s all about you, not the audience.
    People want to know your benefits IMMEDIATELY – life is busy, so get to the point!
    That’s your headline if you’re giving away a $25 GIFT CARD! “Get a $25 Gift Certificate!”
    Much better. “OUR BUSINESS IS AMAZING. When you sign up, we provide a variety of incentives, including Gift Cards.”
    The first one ENCOURAGES you to CLICK. I’d like to know where I can acquire that GIFT CARD!
    The second headline makes me want to go to sleep. ZZZZ.
    Talk to me in your advertisements, to me personally, to me directly. I’m a single individual, not a group of people.
    Trim and TWEAK your ad copy to the smallest number of words possible.
Why Affiliate Markers Fail
  1. Failure to use Certified Email Delivery Services
    Filters are in place for a reason: to sift out spam and bulk trash email. The problem is that this frequently results in a GOOD, valid email from YOU ending up in a spam bin. However, there is a solution!
    Certified Email Delivery services, such as those provided by Worldprofit, help you get more of your emails into your prospects’ inboxes.


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